The standard of service in the global healthcare market just got higher. — Logo

The standard of service in the global healthcare market just got higher.

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We are solving the global healthcare crisis with smarter, faster care achieved by use of a unique, centralized data hub that allows medical record portability and universal patient identification.


We are automating the healthcare market by modernizing the patient-provider data delivery system and standardizing the use of predictive machine learning.

Our Team

Meet the team that is revolutionizing the global healthcare market.

  • Dolmarie Mendez, MBA, CHRS


    Market Intelligence and Strategy

    Client Relations

    Dolmarie Mendez is the Chief Executive Officer and one of the original founders of Abartys Health. Dolmarie brings over 13 years of experience in the health insurance market, specifically in benefits. Beyond her extensive knowledge of the financing and underwriting processes of the health insurance market, she is a U.S. compliance officer – helping insurance companies improve their quality standards and requisitions, build and implement products, and navigate the compliance webs of the healthcare market.

    In 2011 Dolmarie became a Healthcare Compliance Officer & US Policy Auditor. She is a licensed Self-insured specialist and Medical Claims & Prescription Processing Auditor.

  • Francisco J. Dávila Toro, MD

    Clinical Assesment and Population Health Innovation

    Dr.Dávila, better known as "Dr. D", is our Chief Medical Officer. He brings to our company more than 25 years of experience in clinical pathology and laboratory medicine. Dr D has vast experience in the administration of health related services and his public health vision will enrich our clients experience.

  • Lauren Cascio


    Innovation and Technology Development

    Investor Relations

    Lauren Cascio is the Chief Operating Officer and one of the original founders of Abartys Health. With over 9 years of experience in the healthcare market and a natural talent for technology and innovation she brings a diverse set of skills to the management and vision of AbartysHealth. Lauren has led product innovation, system design, and the development team since the company's inception in 2015.

    Lauren is aggressively exploring the future of technology and data in medicine. By combining analytics, AI, and data accessibility, she is pushing the envelope on how population data is managed and utilized within the insurance industry.

  • Miguel Maldonado


    18 years in the software development trenches.

    MS,BS Computer Science, MA Master in Business Administration

  • Jesuan Betancourt


    PhD. Physics; B.S. Physics

  • Julian Velev


    PhD. Physics; M.S. Computer Science and Economics

  • Julian Rodriguez


    B.S. Web Development; B.S. Digital Arts and Design

  • Luz Esther, CPA


    Accounting and finance.

  • Alberto Santiago, CPA


    Finance and Strategy.

  • Efrain Betancourt


    J.D., PhD. Biostatistics

  • Gina Arrufat


    B.A. Video Game Design, M.S. Programming of Interactive Technologies

  • Rafael Mestre


    BS in Computer Science

  • Alejandra Gil de Lamadrid, MBA, HRM


  • Josue Yupanqui


    B.S. Civil Engineering & B.S. Computer Engineering

  • Marie Ortiz


  • Juan Jimenez

    System and Security Administrator

  • Josemid Torres

    Provider Network Management Specialist

    11 years working in Provider Management and Credentialing

  • Alexandra Rodriguez

    Provider Network Management and HEDIS Specialist

    B.A. in Operations Management

  • Adam Beguelin

    Board Member and Advisor

    B.S. Math and Computer Science, PhD in Computer Science

    Adam brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the board with over 20 years of experience in technology as an entrepreneur, executive, advisor, and investor. After 4 years as research faculty at Carnegie Mellon he went on to begin his career in technology as a CTO in 1996. After moving to Puerto Rico 4 years ago, Adam remains involved as an advisor and board member to local companies.

  • Pedro Aponte

    Advisor for Healthcare and Insurance

    M.S. Computer Engineering

    Pedro has 25 years of experience in the Health Insurance Industry. He has worked across all verticals: Medicaid, Commercial, Medicare Advantage, STARS, HEDIS, Project Management, Appeals and Grievances, System Configuration, Claims Processing, Enrollment, Customer Service and IT. Prior to beginning his career in Healthcare Pedro worked for 6 years in the Aerospace and IT Services Industry and has also worked as part-time professor of Engineering.

  • Luis M. Cabrera Marín


    Mr. Cabrera is the Founder and Managing Director of Parliament Capital, a leading Puerto Rico-based investment advisory firm specializing in private equity, credit, and real estate opportunities. Mr. Cabrera previously served as Treasurer, Head of Corporate Development and Head of Investor Relations of EVERTEC Inc., a NYSE listed company and one of the largest payment processors in Latin America. Luis was a part of the EVERTEC executive team that successfully completed an IPO and a secondary, raising over $1.7B in the capital markets. Before joining EVERTEC, Luis was Portfolio Manager at UBS where he managed 15 open end funds, 1 money market fund and 3 IRA funds. Prior to UBS, Luis spent 10 years at FirstBank Puerto Rico, a NYSE listed Company and among the top 50 Banks in the US. Luis was Executive Vice President, Chief Investment Officer, and Treasurer - responsible for managing a $6B investment portfolio and a $5B derivatives portfolio. Luis has a B.S. and maintains a Series 7 securities license.

  • Benjie Kauffmann


    Mr. Kauffmann has over 27 years experience in the Health Insurance and Credit Industry. In 2002 he founded Olympic Agency Insurance, specializing in the comprehensive administration of Health Benefits and Credit Industry. To date, the agency has over 350,000 active members. From 1991 to 2002, Mr. Kauffmann was Manager of the Credit and Corporate Benefits Department and eventually the Senior VP of Credit, Benefits, and Special products at Baldrich & Associates - achieving sales of over $100 million in premiums. Concurrently, Benjie began building and managing his $50M real estate portfolio and from 1998 to 2012 he purchased 14 gas stations; at peak, they traded over 3M gallons per month.