Asociación de Salud Primaria de P.R. Secures Clinical Data and Creates Analytics Dashboard on AWS Cloud

Business Need

The Asociación de Salud Primaria de Puerto Rico, Inc. (ASP) is a federally funded primary health care association with 22 clinics across Puerto Rico. ASP sought to aggregate clinical lab data from all locations into a centralized data lake for analytics and create disease management dashboards for their diabetes population. Key requirements included secure data ingestion, HIPAA-compliant storage, and scalable processing to keep dashboards updated daily.

AWS Solution

ASP partnered with Abartys Health to build a comprehensive solution for their needs on AWS leveraging serverless technologies. Abartys implemented secure data pipelines integrating the association’s clinics, a HIPAA-enabled data lake, big data processing with AWS Glue, and analytics dashboards with Amazon Quicksights.

The intake architecture provides robust mechanisms for clinics to transmit HL7 lab results files including an API and batch uploads. Files get parsed to JSON documents which are then persisted in Amazon DynamoDB for source storage. Abartys utilized encryption, IAM controls, VPC configuration and AWS CloudTrail for protecting data security and integrity end-to-end.

AWS Glue Spark jobs execute daily to transform new records for analysis. This serverless environment met the flexibility and scalability goals for ASP to expand to more clinics efficiently. The enriched datasets populate Quicksights to provide real-time chronic disease insights for better clinical decision making.


ASP obtained a dynamic solution to centrally gather and understand lab data across clinics with minimal management overhead. Providers gain better care insights for serving over 115,000 patients annually. Through moving to an AWS HIPAA-eligible environment, ASP increased regulatory compliance and security posture while unlocking innovation opportunities. The association continues maturing capabilities to further improve population health programs.