MisResultados PR Enhances Customer Service Capabilities on AWS Cloud

Business Need

MisResultados PR is an electronic lab connectivity company that distributes test results digitally to providers, labs, and patients in Puerto Rico. To align with compliance regulations and protect confidential data, the platform validates profile information before releasing each report. MisResultados sought to implement a web application for their customer service team to assist patients who encounter validation errors and do not receive their lab results.

AWS Solution

MisResultados partnered with Abartys Health to create a secure search application for customer service agents powered by AWS serverless services. Abartys implemented a scalable data intake architecture to ingest HL7 lab results files from MisResultados’ LIS system leveraging API and SFTP channels.

Files get parsed to standardized JSON documents and persisted in Amazon DynamoDB for source storage. Abartys enabled encryption, access controls, VPC, and AWS CloudTrail for protecting data security and integrity.

AWS Glue ETL jobs execute daily to export new DynamoDB records into an Amazon S3 data lake configured to meet HIPAA safeguards. The customer service web application allows agents to search this protected clinical dataset using Amazon Athena.


MisResultados gained a robust, managed solution to empower their customer service team via the AWS Cloud. The company can scale data ingest capabilities while ensuring regulatory compliance. Agents now have self-service access to lab records to efficiently assist patients over the phone or email. The AWS implementation provides the availability, security, and innovation capabilities to support future growth plans.